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About PCC Extension

 What is PCC Extension?

PCC Extension courses, workshops, programs, trainings, and activities are supported by fees, not tax dollars. Offerings are designed for adults, 18 years of age and older, unless otherwise indicated. Classes are held on-campus, at off-site locations, and online. College credit is not given, and there are no transcripts or grades.

To ensure a quality program, the following policies have been established. The right is reserved to change courses, workshops, programs, or instructors. Courses may be cancelled due to low enrollment. No non-registered person, including spouse, friend, parent, or child, is permitted to audit/attend a class. Students whose conduct is detrimental to a class (e.g., dishonesty, disruption, theft, property damage, or willful disobedience) may be removed without refund, and/or denied future enrollment. Offerings presented by PCC Extension do not necessarily reflect the views of the Pasadena Area Community College District. Pasadena City College does not endorse any person or product. PCC Extension is committed to protecting your privacy. We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to other internal or external parties. We may use information collected to contact you regarding course information, promotional updates, specials, and/or new additions to our program offerings. Credit card numbers are not stored on our website.

PCC Extension Staff
Elaine Chapman, Director
Richard Torres, Account Clerk
Robert Torres, Scheduling Technician

Pasadena Area Community College District
Dr. Erika A. Endrijonas, Superintendent-President

Board of Trustees
Sandra Chen Lau, President
Tammy Silver, Vice President
Alton Wang, Clerk
Steve Gibson
Kristine Kwong
John Martin
James A. Osterling
Simone Chan, Student Trustee


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