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Become a Solar Installer

Become a Solar Installer - April 27

It is projected that by 2020, 65% of solar installations will be done by independent solar installers. Join us and learn how to design and install roof-top solar systems.

Fundamentals of Painting the Still Life

Fundamentals of Painting the Still Life - April 27

Still life composition is the focus of this class. Students draw in charcoal while exploring the fundamentals of drawing.

Food Dehydration

Food Dehydration - April 28

Join us and learn how food dehydration can allow you enjoy seasonal foods any time of the year.

Loan Signing Specialist

Loan Signing Specialist - April 29

This course will provide notaries with the skills and knowledge needed to become a Loan Signing Specialist.


Trips and Tours

Lunch with J.F.K.


"J.F.K.'s Life & Times" Exhibit
at the Bowers Museum

Thursday, May 3

Includes Buffet Lunch at The Hacienda



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