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Idea for a Class?

Is there a course or topic you would like offered through PCC Exension?  To email your course suggestion or idea to us, click here!

Teach a Course

PCC Extension continually seeks new courses, workshops, and certificate programs to make available to its community members/students. If you are interested in teaching for PCC Extension and have both the expertise and teaching experience, we would be interested in reviewing your proposal for possible further consideration. Prior to submitting a Course Proposal for consideration, please review our website for currently offered courses. We look for fresh, new proposals to compliment and add to our existing offerings.

The PCC Extension New Course Proposal Packet is in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. To view and print this document, you must have the latest version of Acrobat Reader installed.

It is preferred that the course proposal be digitally completed and emailed to Remember to include any attachments. You also may mail your completed Proposal Packet to PCC Extension:

Pasadena City College, PCC Extension
1570 E. Colorado Blvd., Room CEC112, Pasadena, CA 91106

Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis, and are reviewed in conjunction with each upcoming session. Due to the volume of proposals received, it is not possible to respond to submissions, however, an email will be sent notifying you of receipt of your proposal. You may contact the PCC Extension office with any questions. Should it be determined that a fit exists between a proposal and current offerings, and that the proposal is dissimilar from other offerings so as not to cause conflict, you will be contacted. Submission of a course proposal does not imply a relationship with PCC Extension. The decision of the PCC Extension department is final.

Our lead time to meet session start deadlines is approximately three (3) months.

  • Winter Intersession (January to mid-February): October 1
  • Spring Session (mid-February to mid-June): November 1
  • Summer Session (mid-June to late August): March 1
  • Fall Session (late August to mid-December): June 1

Prospective Instructor Information

Course Marketing and Advertising:
PCC Extension offerings are marketed through print materials, the website, and social media. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are used as is Constant Contact. Please include in your Course Proposal your course target audience, and the steps you take to advertise your course to your target audience. Your professional and ongoing effort will help to insure that your course is not cancelled due to lack of enrollments.

Course Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):
Please list outcomes for your proposed course. Outcomes should focus upon the question of what you expect a student to be able to do after completing your course. Each course proposal should indicate at least three (3) Student Learning Outcomes.

Class Length:
Lifelong Learning classes do better when course lengths do not extend beyond a few class meetings. The shorter, the better.

Materials Fees:
If you are providing materials of any kind for students at a cost to the student, the following apply:

  • All materials/Materials Fees are optional (students are not required to purchase materials from an instructor; while certain materials may be necessary to fully participate in a class, students still may choose whether or not to make a purchase).
  • Materials Fees must be reasonable and accurately reflect the cost to the instructor to provide.
  • Materials Fees are not to be charged to provide additional income to any instructor.
  • Duplicating for class handouts is the responsibility of the instructor.
  • Whenever possible/appropriate, providing a Supply List for students to obtain their own materials is preferred.
  • Please provide book information as listed on the Course Proposal form whether or not you are providing the book or if the student is to purchase the book on their own.
  • Prior to a Materials Fee being included with a course description, a complete copy of all materials must be submitted to the PCC Extension office.
  • Please be mindful of materials quality and relevance. Updating is necessary and should be ongoing.
  • Materials Fees are collected by instructors in class.
Personal Business(es):
If you have a business tied to the class(es) you teach, California Education Code strictly prohibits business solicitation in the classroom. You may provide a sign-up sheet for interested students to provide their contact information and/or you may leave materials/information on a back desk/table and mention that interested students may take materials when they leave class. No other indication, announcement, or advertising may be employed in the classroom. Please do not hang, display, or project any additional information about your product or service. Do not contact students directly to promote your services. If you believe that you are unable to comply with these regulations, please do not submit a proposal.

Working for PCC Extension:
PCC Extension instructors are hired as independent contractors/instructors on a session-by-session basis. Offerings are evaluated each session, and a decision is made regarding the issuing of a new contract for the upcoming session.

Independent contractor/instructors are not employees of the district.

It is encouraged that current PCC employees desiring also to work for PCC Extension have a business tax ID number (TIN). This enables PCC Extension to extend to make payment to the business, rather than requesting a stipend.

Compensation rates are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Class Assistants:
PCC Extension does not provide class assistants. The use of a class assistant is not allowed nor sanctioned without the prior expressed and written approval of PCC Extension. In the event that a class assistant is deemed significant, and is approved, 1) the course fee will be increased accordingly to accommodate the added compensation expense, 2) an assistant, as with an instructor, must submit paperwork including a W9, and must be board reported and approved prior to the start of the class. Under no circumstance may any assistant/individual be present in any class in which they are not registered or hired. At the end of a class in which an assistant is working, the assistant must submit completed, required paperwork to the PCC Extension office for processing and payment. Compensation for class assistants is $13.00 per hour.

Thank you for your interest in PCC Extension.


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