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PCC Extension Upcoming Courses

Upcoming Courses


 For the Week of September 20 to September 26


Monday, September 20
Podcasting for Profit
Shuffle Ball Change

Tuesday, September 21
Start a Profitable Home-Based Business

Wednesday, September 22
Create a Website for Business or Personal Use for FREE!
Experimental Abstract Painting

Saturday, September 25
Master Your Investments
Championing Student Success NEW!
Eliminate Clutter in Your Home and Office


 For the Week of September 27 to October 3


Friday, October 1
Survival Skills

Saturday, October 2
Poetry Workshop
Internet Marketing Methods
Capturing Great Photos with Your Smartphone
Marketing with Facebook and Social Media
Rental Property Management
Turn Your Story into a Book


 For the Week of October 4 to October 10


Tuesday, October 5
Internet Marketing Methods

Wednesday, October 6
Screenwriting II

Thursday, October 7
Run Better Zoom Meetings

Saturday, October 9
Notary Public Licensing
Home Buying Simplified
Protecting Your Retirement Assets
Search Engine, Google Ads, Email, and Ecommerce Marketing
Rejuvenate Your Retirement
Blogging for Fun and Profit

Sunday, October 10
Loan Signing Specialist
Katz Kabaret


 For the Week of October 11 to October 17


Tuesday, October 12
Marketing with Facebook and Social Media

Wednesday, October 13
Kundalini Yoga
Medicare 101

Thursday, October 14
Be More Confident at Work
Make an App for That

Saturday, October 16
Communicate with Anyone
Good Karma, Mystics, and Tarot
Planning Your Next Construction Project
Indian Cooking: Indian Vegetarian Comfort Food
Marketing Made Easy on a Small Budget
7 Steps to Financial Freedom NEW!
Acoustic Guitar
Vision Board

Sunday, October 17
Singers - Your Body is Your Instrument




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