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   PCC Extension Upcoming Courses

Upcoming Courses

Upcoming Courses

 For the Week of February 19 to February 25


Wednesday, February 21
Advanced Tennis
Basics of Screenwriting
Bridge II – Competitive Bidding

Friday, February 23
Urban Survival Skills
Intermediate Tennis
Advanced Tennis

Saturday, February 24
Pattern Making
Hip Hop & Funk Dance
Acoustic Guitar - Continuation
Basic Baking: Puddings, Curds & Custards
Self-Defense and the Workplace
Commercial Drone Pilot - Part 1
Quiet the Chatter in Your Mind
Home Buying Simplified
Youth Tennis (Ages 8-13)
Youth Tennis II (Ages 8-13)

Sunday, February 25
Handmade Herbal Soap Making
Introduction to Chess
Quick Sketch


 For the Week of February 26 to March 4


Saturday, March 3
Basket Weaving
Rejuvenate Your Retirement
Basic Baking: Chiffons & Meringues
The Highs and Woes of Internet Dating
The ABCs of Starting a Business

Sunday, March 4
Tai-chi Chuan
Tai-chi Chuan II


 For the Week of March 5 to March 11


Monday, March 5
Conversational French III

Tuesday, March 6
Golf - 7:00pm

Wednesday, March 7
Harmonica, Folk Style
Harmonica, Blues Style
Conversational French II

Thursday, March 8
Golf - 7:00pm

Friday, March 9
Country Western Line Dancing

Saturday, March 10
Medicare 101
Chinese Floral Arts
For the Love of Acting
iPhone, iPad, and I'm Lost
iPhones, iPads, iCloud: Beyond the Basics
Savvy IRA Planning for Boomers
Deferring RMDs & Longevity Risk
Communicate with Anyone
Golf - 9:00am

Sunday, March 11
Cold Process Soap From Scratch